Parent Resource Centres

  1. Raising Children Network-Australian Resource for parenting Newborns to Teens
    Helpful information for infant sleep, nutrition, behaviour and development.
  2. Purple Crying
    USA website to inform on a very common issue in infancy
  3. Australian Breastfeeding Association
    An excellent resource to assist with breastfeeding issues
  4. Royal Children’s Hospital-Kid’s Health Information
    An A-Z list of fact sheets to provide information on various conditions and services
  5. Children’s Hospital at Westmead
    Kid’s Health Factsheets

Book Recommendations:

  1. The Discontented Little Baby Book by Dr Pamela Douglas
  2. Baby Love by Robin Barker
  3. Up the Duff by Kaz Cooke
  4. Babies and Toddlers by Kaz Cooke