Inpatient Serivices

My care for your baby can start as early as during your pregnancy or from the time they enter the world and are deemed to require paediatric care. In the hospital situation, I will care for your baby by attending:

  • Elective caesarian sections
  • Emergency caesarian sections
  • High risk deliveries.

I will also care for your baby if:

  • Requested by the obstetrician
  • There are known risk factors requiring paediatric supervision
  • Your baby is premature/has a low birth weight/is sick and requires admission to the Special Care Nursery.

Outpatient Services

After I have cared for a new born baby in hospital, it will occasionally be necessary for continued visits to take place once the baby and mother go home. Alternatively on occasion, after a baby is born and goes home with their parents, concerns or complications may arise that require the special care that I can provide to newborns.
Babies I see as outpatients include:

  • Babies that I have seen in hospital because they were premature, had a low birth weight , had a known anomaly or were in the Special Care Nursery
  • Babies who require paediatric follow up at the request of the parents
  • Babies who develop problems in the first three months of life such as reflux, colic, feeding issues, growth or developmental concerns
  • Those that may require referrals to other specialists
  • Babies who require an ultrasound of the hips or kidneys
  • Those referred to me by a GP within their first three months of life
  • Antenatal consultations for high risk pregnancies.